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POE Ethernet Shield for Teensy 3.6

This project is a POE enabled Shield that sits on top of the Teensy 3.6 board from PJRC and gives the board the ability to communicate over ethernet and draw power from the same ethernet cable if connected to a 802.3af powered switch.




The POE board comes with a Silvertel AG9912/05 micro board that does all the POE magic. And depending on the model this is then further regulated to 5v and then fed into the Vin of the Teensy.

You Need to cut the VUSB connector on the teensy to use this shield as it will supply power from the POE module. If you don't then you could damage your Teensy and your USB port on your computer if you connect up the board while the POE is enabled and powering the boards at the same time.

To disable USB power cut the small trace near the VUSB pin as shown.

Teensy Underside VUSB trace image


Currently there is very limited software to run this shield. The lwip stack has been ported by manitou48 and then adapted to compile for the Arduino IDE. This is currently available from github and is very much work in progress, as we try and get it into a more mainstream library so that other libraries can use it with little to no additional changes.


The hardware schematics are available from bitbucket and are designed in Eagle 7.7